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Cleft-centre Mangalore

The Cleft-centre in Mangalore was the first centre established by Cleft-Children International CCI. It was established in 2001 and developed under the leadership of Prof. Rao into a further training centre for cranio-facial disfigurement surgery and since summer 2007 has continued under the directorship of his successor, Prof. Dr. Dr. Vikram Shetty. Under the leadership of this young director, who is both doctor and dentist as well as fully trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon, the focus shifted in particular into operations and the treatment of cranial facial malformations. Up until today, more than 8,000 cleft patients have been treated here.
Dr. Vikram Shetty has specialised fully on operations and treatment for cranio-facial anomalies. That becomes very clear when one hears of the huge number of cranial operations he has performed (141). That’s twelve operations per month. These operations and their treatment take a great deal of time, a cleft operation of this type can last up to six hours. 


Fellows (Doctors in training)

Senior Fellow Dr. Ritesh Agrawal will now definitely complete his training on 31 January 2017. He was with us from 18.06.2012, with some interruptions, and was initially a junior, then a senior fellow. 

Dr. Kanchan Agrawal began his training to become a cleft surgeon on 21.09.2016 as a  junior fellow.
Dr. Anirudh Ydav started his training as a junior fellow on  01.10.2016.
Dr. Suman Banerjee began his training on 09.05.2016 as junior fellow and completed his training on 08.05.2017
Dr. Abdul Jamih has been active as senior fellow since 01.07.2016, after completing his training as a junior fellow in the period from  01.07.2016 to 30.06.2017.
Dr. Daniel Lindhorst of Zurich visited Dr. Vikram Shetty for three weeks for further training, Dr. Lindhorst is a specialist for oral, orthodontic and maxillofacial surgery at the university hospital in Zurich. He was impressed by the precision and professionalism with which patients' data are recorded. At the Cleft-centre in Mangalore operations take place at the highest possible level. This is also vital for Indian patients because they are often more delicate than Europeans, which means that the operations are more challenging than on a European.  Who would have thought ten years ago that a surgeon from Zurich would travel to India and actually learn something from his Indian colleagues?