Opening of a second centre in Hyderabad

Just a few months later, CCI opened its second Cleft-centre in Hyderabad

CCI also opened its second Cleft-centre in 2001 in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad (population 15 million). "That was very ambitious", says Prof. Sailer with hindsight, "but we really wanted to move forward with this project. We wanted to see what we could do for cleft-children if we really tried our utmost." Prof. Srinivas Gosla Reddy, an outstanding specialist of cranio-facial surgery, is the centre's director. He is trained as both a cleft surgeon as well as an aesthetic surgeon. Under the stewardship of Prof. Sailer, he studied medicine and successfully concluded his PhD studies in Holland.

He has been working in Hyderabad since 1997. Prior to that and since then he has often operated together with Prof. Sailer, spent time as a volunteer at the Sailer clinic in Zurich and has worked in England, Belgium and in three other clinics in Germany. He and his team now treat and care for some 1,400 patients a year at the Cleft-centre in Hyderabad. 

Video of a visit by Prof. Sailer in Hyderabad