A visit to the Order of Mother Teresa

Joint aid in the spirit of Mother Teresa CCI enters into a collaboration in Kolkata with the order of the Nobel peace prize holder.

"When we travelled in 2009 to the Cleft-centre in Kolkata my wife and I also visited the main house of the Missionaries of Charity, the Order of Mother Teresa. Her successor, Sister Nirmela, also the order's highest representative, welcomed us by granting us a long audience - a great honour for our foundation.


After we spoke of our concern to help disadvantaged and poor children and give them a future, we were immediately in agreement and the very next day we signed a co-operation agreement with the Order. "Cleft-children sent to us by the order are treated by CCI. Unfortunately, despite our greatest efforts, we are unable to continue the Cleft-centre in Kolkata. It is generally difficult to find suitable medical staff who share our humanitarian vision.