An encounter with Sir Peter Ustinov

A chance encounter resulted in a friendship and co-operation.

"On one of my trips - I cannot remember where it was - I had a chance encounter with Sir Peter Ustinov, a very interesting and friendly person. We started talking and quickly touched on engagement and help for children who need it more than anywhere else in the world.

The sound of a child's laugh is for me the most cultivated music in the world.
Sir Peter Ustinov

Peter Ustinov told me how he had established a foundation bearing his name which worked to help orphans and street children who are disadvantaged because of their poverty or because of their educational deficits. I, in turn, told him about the CCI Cleft-centres and we quickly noticed that our concerns and our efforts, in particular for people, unite rather than divide us. This chance encounter turned into a friendship and a collaboration: Ustinov's foundation then supported the work of the CCI for many years, which is why we named our Mumbai centre the "Sir Peter Ustinov Cleft-centre". "
The plan to write a book jointly authored by Sir Peter Ustinov and Prof. Sailer against prejudice was unfortunately no longer possible following the death of the famous actor.