Since the foundation of Cleft-Children International CCI, five Cleft-Centres have been established in India and Pakistan, which all work independently and have achieved outstanding results.


The Cleft-Centre in Mangalore was founded in 2001. It was the very first Cleft-Centre established by Cleft-Children International CCI. Under the direction of Professor Rao, it developed into a training center for craniofacial surgery of malformations. Since the summer of 2007, it has been under the direction of Dr. Dr. Vikram Shetty, who is both a dentist and a physician in addition to being a fully board certified surgeon for oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS). The treatment of craniofacial malformations thus continues to be the centre’s focus, as evidenced by the 8,008 treatments which have already been performed.



The Cleft-Centre in Chennai is the third centre of Cleft-Children International CCI and is under the direction of Prof. Dr. Manikandhan. It forms part of Meenakshi University, and is the only centre which has a playroom for children equipped with a TV set. Thus, films can be shown in the children’s own language and dialect, helping them with speech therapy and thereby speeding up their recovery. Cleft camps, which dispel fears through information and education, are organized here in cooperation with the Erode Foundation. To date, 8,564 treatments have been performed.



In 2004 the Cleft-Centre in Mumbai was established in honor of the great humanist, actor and author, Sir Peter Ustinov, who campaigned against prejudice throughout his lifetime. This centre is headed by Dr. Parit Ladani and boasts an exceptional logopaedic department. The follow-up treatment (speech therapy), which becomes crucial to the little patients for their full integration into social life later on, is offered here. To date, 5,799 treatments have been performed.


Being the youngest of our four Indian Cleft-Centers, the Cleft-Center Chengannur is situated in the Indian federal state Kerala and run by Dr. P.C. Mathews. The young surgeon studied at Dental College Mangalore and worked for three years at Chennai University as 'maxillofacial surgeon'. He was also trained to be a Cleft-Surgeon by Prof. Manikandhan, head of our Cleft-Center in Chennai. The Cleft-Center can be found inside St. Thomas Hospital, which was founded by Dr. A.K. Cherian after World War II. It has been the institution's acclaimed goal ever since to support socially disadvantaged people. To this day, 20 years after the founder's passing, this idea has been carried on. The building has more than 150 beds and features a surgical department, rendering possible about 50 Cleft-Operations per month. To date, 428 treatments have been performed.



Lahore is the capital of the province of Punjab and is situated only a few kilometres from the Indian border. The cleft centre CLAPP (Cleft Lip & Palate Association of Pakistan) was established in July 2013 and is headed by Prof Dr Ghulam Qadir Fayyaz. The first cleft surgery was performed with great success on 15.07.2013. Prof Fayyaz studied at the University of Faisalabad and graduated summa cum laude from a D.S.S. (Diploma Spezialized Surgery) course in reconstructive surgery at the Medical University in Vienna. The purpose of this hospital is to provide surgeries free of cost to cleft children from poor families. Since the beginning 838 treatments have been carried out in Lahore.


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