Thanks to the extraordinary development of Cleft-Children International CCI in recent years more than 70,000 treatments have been performed.

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Cleft-Children International CCI has the objective of helping children with a cleft disfigurement to enjoy a better life.


With the founding of Cleft-Children International CCI on 23 November 2001 in Switzerland, the foundation was set for an international aid initiative. Cleft-Children International CCI is both initiator and supervisor. It activates, supports and monitors the work of the Cleft-centres in order to be able to ensure the maximum proper use of donated funds. This procedure is based on a web database in which the Cleft-centres enter the medical histories of their patients: the data is then forwarded to Cleft-Children International CCI. This allows optimal medical and administrative control and greatly simplifies efficient collaboration between the Cleft-centres in India which are distant from the Cleft-Children International CCI in Zurich.

Film about the work of Prof. Sailer and Cleft-Children Int. CCI


Doctors and fellows

Dr. Richa Gala, Fellow Mumbai

Being able to assist Prof. Sailer in Zurich was one of the most impressive things I have been able to experience in my whole life!

Dr. Himani Dagwal, Fellow Chennai

The training means I can now help many children with cleft lip and/or palate escape their awful situations.

Dr. Rajarshi Basu, Fellow Kerala

I am very grateful for the CCI fellowship.

Dr. Bala, Fellow Chennai

This training is incredibly valuable for me and the children who we have been able to help.

You, too, can support our project in Cameroon

Our Cleft-centres are often the only hope for hundreds of thousands of cleft-children in India and cameroon.


How we help

The medical treatment of cleft patients requires continuous follow-up treatment of the children until they reach the age of 18. This is why Cleft-Children International CCI has established treatment centres in India and Pakistan to help cleft patients after their operations. 


The work of Cleft-Children International CCI focuses on the medical treatment of patients with cleft lip and/or palate. This is why over the last 10 years we have established five "Centres of Excellence" in India and Pakistan.


Knowledge transfer

The extremely strict requirements on all facial specialists who operate cleft-children requires special training, competence and many years of experience in facial surgery.


Foundation goal

Cleft-Children International CCI has set itself the goal of giving children with a cleft-disfigurement a better life.


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