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Cleft-Children International CCI helps disfigured children escape from a terrible and inhumane situation in life – a disfigurement which may prevent them from breathing, eating and sometimes speaking.

So far in India, where my foundation set up its first five Cleft-centres, we have been able to perform 88,000 surgical interventions and train more than 420 doctors and nurses. 

How we help

The medical treatment of cleft-patients requires continuous follow-up treatment for children until they reach the age of 18. Which is why Cleft-Children International CCI has established treatment centres in India, Pakistan and Africa where cleft-patients can be operated and looked after based on the strict quality criteria of the "Sailer protocol".


Surgeons trained and monitored by Professor Sailer

Follow-up care

The medical treatment of cleft-patients requires continuous follow-up care for children until they reach the age of 18. 

Transfer of knowledge

By providing training on site we turn the humanitarian principle of "help people to help themselves" into reality. 

Professor Sailer garantiert

Medical care at the very highest level, until the child is an adult and reaches the age of 18. This also involves all necessary speech therapy, yoga and attending a good school via our partner foundations

The medical treatment of patients with cleft disorders requires continous follow-up care until the children are fully grown. For this reason, Cleft-Children International CCI established treatment centres in India and Pakistan where surgical procedures are performed and patients are provided care in accordance with strictest quality guidelines.

"The most valuable payment for all the work is the happy and satisfied smile on the face of an operated child and their grateful parents!”

It is fascinating that by means of one operation we can effect a permanent change for the better in a disfigured child’s life. Please help!

A special thank you to all who have helped this year to support this humanitarian project to help the cleft-children of this world.

CCI fully appreciates and has the greatest respect for each individual contribution. We are absolutely certain that thanks to your support also in the coming year we will be able to operate and treat more children and work together for the benefit of the future of cleft-children.

Our projects/centres

We operate Cleft-Children in 5 Cleft-Centers.

Professor Sailer explains

Every child who comes to us has their own individual medical history

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Foundation goal

Cleft-Children International CCI has set itself the goal of giving children with a cleft-disfigurement a better life.


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